In the framework of the EVALITA 2020 the Ghigliottin-AI task was organized. Ghigliottin-AI is the new edition of the NLP4FUN task organized for the fisrt time for EVALITA 2018, and its main aim is to be a competition open to Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems able to solve “La Ghigliottina” game.

The Ghigliottin-AI task is inspired by the final game of the Italian TV show “L’Eredità”. This game has been chosen because it is an interesting test bench for the Artificial Intelligence systems focused on the semantic aspects of natural languages: the solution of the game is based on the relationship between the clues and the solution word. For example, given the set of clues conoscere (to know), grado (degree), modello (model), ideale (ideal) and divina (divine) the solution is perfezione (perfection) because conoscere alla perfezione (to perfectly know), grado di perfezione (degree of perfection), modello di perfezione (model of perfection), ideale di perfezione (ideal of perfection) and perfezione divina (divine perfection).

The event will take place on  December, 17 at 10 o’clock: the task will be presented and some champions of the TV game will compete against the two systems that took part in the Ghigliottin-AI task, namely Il Mago della Ghigliottina and GUL.LE.VER on the Ghigliottiniamo platform.

The task has been organized by:

  • Pierpaolo Basile and Lucia Siciliani – Department of Computer Science, University of Bari Aldo Moro
  • Johanna Monti, Federico Sangati and Antonio Pascucci , UNIOR NLP Research Group, University of Naples “L’Orientale”
  • Marco Lovetere, Ghigliottiniamo

More information about the task is available at