Call for Papers

IJCoL is a full Open Access peer–reviewed journal whose aim is to provide a channel of communication among researchers from a variety of points of view, by bridging the gap between the results emerging in the different areas of automatic language processing with other disciplines ranging from theoretical or descriptive linguistics, cognitive psychology, philosophy, philology, to neuroscience and computer science.

The journal aims at covering this broad spectrum of subjects addressed from different perspectives that include but are not limited to:

  • Semantics, Lexicon, Knowledge Representation and Linguistic Inference
  • Morphology and Syntax Processing
  • Machine Learning for Language Acquisition, Processing and Use
  • Computational models of language, of linguistic variation, and cognitive computational models
  • Language Resources and Evaluation
  • Linguistic Issues in CL and NLP
  • Cognitive Modeling and Psycholinguistics
  • Spoken Language Processing and Automatic Speech Understanding
  • Dialogue, Discourse and Natural Language Generation
  • Machine Translation and Multilingualism
  • Information Extraction, Information Retrieval and Question Answering
  • Vision, Robotics, Multimodal and Grounding
  • Ethics and NLP
  • Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing for the Humanities
  • Computational Social Science and Social Media
  • Pragmatics and Creativity
  • Research and Industrial NLP Applications
  • Development of infrastructures for the interoperability and integration of linguistic resources and technologies

We welcome manuscripts written in English and Italian. Instructions for manuscript formatting and submission can be found at the IJCoL page: JOURNAL – AILC (

The following types of papers are accepted for publication:

  • FULL-LENGTH PAPERS should describe original, substantive research results involving any topic related to natural language and computation tackled from different perspectives. Full-length submissions are typically 18-25 pages in length

  • SURVEY ARTICLES provide a comprehensive overview of some research area relevant to the IJCoL readership. Survey articles should be written with an eye toward providing an entry point for those who work in the field but are not familiar with the specific area, including context, history, and comprehensive references. Survey articles follow the same format as full-length papers

  • POSITION PAPERS provide a forum for expressing an opinion on topics of interest to the journal readership. Position papers are typically 6-8 pages in length

  • PROJECT NOTES may describe significant interim research or resource development results, or provide a description of software, standards, minor resources, or projects that are of interest to the journal’s readership. Project notes are typically 8-10 pages in length, but no minimum or maximum length is required

Submission is managed through a dedicated web platform (URL:, which allows authors to submit their work in a continuous cycle throughout the year. The submission cycle starts with the review phase (about two months) and continues with the revision phase, which allows to keep the publication cycle shorter than 6-7 months since the date of submission, even in the cases where major changes are required.

IJCoL publishes papers Online First on average two weeks from final submission on the Accademia University Press website.