With the beginning of 2017 AILC inaugurates the new website.

If the website is the business card of the association, then AILC is very well presented. The new website is elegant, informative and easy to navigate, and its colors evoke the roots of the Italian community. The logo itself hints at both the linguistic and the computational aspects that AILC intends to represent.

I think we have achieved the ideal balance between the need to introduce ourselves as a scientific community and the need to adapt to more modern communication styles, which have been “suggested” by the AILC industrial partners.
In this regard, I would like to emphasize how the social element has been enhanced, notably thanks to the AILC blog, a tool meant to give space to reflections, comments, and exchanges of opinion on the many hot topics in computational linguistics.

Soon we will also add safer and more effective procedures for the member registration and for on-line credit card payments.

I hope that the new website will meet all of your expectations: please use it, that’s why we built it!

Greetings to everyone,

Bernardo Magnini