In October 2020, the 18th edition of the Genova Popular Science Festival took place. In the context of this event, AILC presented on 22 and 23 October the dissemination workshop “Il linguaggio di Siri” (The language of Siri).

The activities presented aimed at introducing high school students to (computational) linguistics. The workshop focused on highlighting possibilities and limits of the computational representation and analysis of language, with interactive games, quizes, and concrete examples of computational modeling of linguistic problems.

The (online) workshop was attended by 5 classes from high schools from Genoa and its surroundings, for a total of about 150 people, including students and teachers. The feedback received will allow us to bring our scientific dissemination activities to a level that is increasingly suited to the needs and interests of students in the future.

The workshop was created by Ludovica Pannitto, Lucia Busso, Claudia Roberta Combei, Mirko Lai, Lucio Messina, and Malvina Nissim.

For a detailed analysis of the themes presented at the Festival, please refer to these slides (in Italian).