Ghigliottin-AI at EVALITA 2020

In the framework of the EVALITA 2020 the Ghigliottin-AI task was organized. Ghigliottin-AI is the new edition of the NLP4FUN task organized for the fisrt time for EVALITA 2018, and its main aim is to be a competition open to Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems able to solve "La Ghigliottina” game.

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The Language of Siri

On the 22nd and 23rd October, in the context of the 18th edition of the Genova Popular Science Festival, AILC successfully presented the dissemination workshop "Il linguaggio di Siri” (The language of Siri). The (online) workshop was attended by 5 classes from high schools from Genoa and its surroundings, for a total of about 150 people, including students and teachers.

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AILC @ Festival di Genova 2020

On the 22nd and 23rd of October 2020, as part of the 18th edition of the popular science event "Festival della Scienza di Genova", AILC will present a workshop entitled "Il linguaggio di Siri (The language of Siri)". Our activities are aimed at introducing high-school students to (computational) linguistics. [...]

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Computational Linguistics and the COVID-19 Outbreak

This page is maintained by AILC (the Italian Association for Computational Linguistics). It groups some of the initiatives that the Computational Linguistics community is carrying out to contribute to the fight against COVID-19. Everyone is invited to collaborate by reporting new initiatives. Please do so through our contact form. [...]

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COVID-19 Browser: Using Natural Language Processing to Fight the Pandemic

Our society is facing an unprecedented crisis due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak that is putting sanitary systems in check all around the world. Recently, dozens of countries announced the shutdown of all non-essential activities for the next foreseeable future, and scientists are striving worldwide to find cures and [...]

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