IJCoL · Italian Journal
of Computational Linguistics

Vol. 4, n. 1 · June 2018

Emerging Topics
at the Fouth Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics (Part 1)

Editors: Roberto Basili, Simonetta Montemagni

This is the first volume of the fourth year of the Italian Journal of Computational Linguistics (IJCoL). It is a miscellaneous volume collecting a first selection of research contributions inspired by young researchers which emerged as particularly promising at the CLiC-it 2017 Conference (Rome, 11-13 December 2017). Selected papers share the use of deep learning algorithms for the solution of different and challenging linguistic problems (such as the classification of Italian idiomatic and non-idiomatic phrases or word inflection modelling) as well as for complex applications and tasks (such as Machine Translation for low-resourced languages or the automatic generation of image captions). It thus presents itself as a sort of continuation of the previous Special Issue of the journal on “Natural Language and Learning Machines” (No. 3, Volume 2, 2017).

The volume includes the extended versions of CLiC-it 2017 papers, selected through an iterative peer-review process, and an invited contribution devoted to a retrospective of CLiC-it 2017 by the conference co-chairs, with particular attention to the innovations introduced for an increasing involvement of the Italian community of computational linguistics: in particular, young researchers and potential “stakeholders”.

We leave the readers the pleasure to discover the wide range of issues touched by the papers, which reflect the contribution by the Italian community to open issues currently being explored within the international computational linguistics research.


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Editorial Note
Roberto Basili, Simonetta Montemagni

Multilingual Neural Machine Translation for Low-Resource Languages
Surafel Melaku Lakew, Marcello Federico, Matteo Negri, Marco Turchi

Finding the Neural Net: Deep-learning Idiom Type Identifcation from Distributional Vectors
Yuri Bizzoni, Marco S. G. Senaldi, Alessandro Lenci

Deep Learning for Automatic Image Captioning in poor Training Conditions
Caterina Masotti, Danilo Croce, Roberto Basili

Deep Learning of Infection and the Cell-Filling Problem
Franco Alberto Cardillo, Marcello Ferro, Claudia Marzi, Vito Pirrelli

CLiC-it 2017: A Retrospective
Roberto Basili, Malvina Nissim, Giorgio Satta