EVALITA Best System

The EVALITA Best System Award has been established with the twofold aim of enhancing the participation of young researchers at Evalita and supporting open science.

All systems participating at EVALITA are eligible providing that they satisfy the following conditions: (i) at least one young researcher (Ph.D. or undergraduate student) as a co-author, and (ii)  the authors must have open-sourced their software.

Eligible systems are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Novelty with respect to the state of the art;
  • Originality (in terms of identification of new linguistic resources, identification of linguistically motivated features, and implementation of a theoretical framework grounded in linguistics);
  • Critical insight, paving the way to future challenges (deep error analysis, discussion on the limits of the proposed system, discussion of the inherent challenges of the task);
  • Technical soundness and methodological rigor.

The prize for the best system consists of 500 euros.

List of 2018 awardees:

  • EVALITA best system: Multi-task learning in Deep Neural Networks (HaSpeeDe, IronITA, ABSITA, and GxG Tasks): Lorenzo De Mattei, Andrea Cimino and Felice Dell’Orletta
  • Special mention: Automatic Identification of Misogyny in English and Italian Tweets with a Multilingual Hate (AMI Task): Endang Wahyu Pamungkas, Alessandra Teresa Cignarella, Valerio Basile and Viviana Patti
  • Special mention: Bidirectional Attentional LSTM for Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis on Italian (ABSITA Task): Giancarlo Nicola